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TNT Cream

TNT (Topical Nail Treatment) Cream
powered by L-Arginine HCL

Clinically Proven Healthier, Clearer Nails through Science

TNT Cream, developed by Arginine Therapeutics, is a brand new Topical Nail Treatment Cream scientificaly proven to create healthier, better looking nail using a proprietary triple action formula which smooths rough nails, fights bacterial infection and promotes new healthy nail growth even on nails that suffer from fungus nail.

In a pilot study to determine the efficacy of using TNT Cream, the product was shown to improve the look and feel of the nail as well as increasing nail growth (bringing in new healthy nail) by over 100% on average.

Now this revolutionary product is available to you use for a safe, effective, all natural way to improve the healthy appearance of your nails, including those with nail fungus infections. In fact, many Doctor's are using TNT Cream in conjunction with Laser Nail Treatments, as a means of promoting new healthy nail growth.

The product is available directly to you at your physician's office, select nail care salons and direct.

Find out more about the science behind TNT Cream and how people are improving their lives.

TNT Cream

Price: $35 / 4 Oz. Bottle

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